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Wood Convex Poster Frames
Our Legendary Convex Wood Poster Frames are Consistently National Best Sellers

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Poster Frames Unlimited, these elegant and extremely effective curved poster display frames truly transcend the ordinary to extraordinary.

We offer a complete line of counter, wall-mount, and floor standing curved poster frames, available in 7 beautiful wood finishes, with or without literature holders.

If you prefer an illuminated display frame, we'll install the world's best and brightest LED light panel, and instantly you'll see your posters and graphics take on a new dimension, exploding with brilliant vibrant color.

You'll find our high quality convex display frames in thousands of businesses worldwide from small town eateries to high profile establishments, such as, the Pentagon and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Custom units are our specialty. Call us at 1-800-387-WOOD(9663) to discuss your upcoming promotion.

CDF(a) Floor Display
CDF(b) Floor Display
CDF(c) Floor Display
CDF-36 Poster Frame

CDF(e) Poster Frame
CDF(f) Poster Frame
CDF-4(c) Poster Frame

CDF-7(a) Poster Frame
CDF-7(b) Poster Frame
CDF-8 Poster Frame

CDF-10 Poster Frame
CDF-36 Poster Frame
CDF-36WH Poster Frame
CDF(a) Convex Poster Frame

CDF-AC Poster Frame
DF30 Poster Frame
DF30-12 Poster Frame
CVX2-04 Poster Frame

CDF-CM Poster Frame
CVXWH Convex Poster Frame
CVX2-08 Poster Frame
CDF-AC Convex Poster Frame

CDF-36 Convex Poster Frame
CD-100 Convex Poster Frame
CVXWH Poster Frame
CDF-7(b) Floor Display

CDF-36WH Floor Display
CDF (a) Convex Floor Display
CD-100 Poster Frame