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ST-DIS913 & ST-DIS914 Poster Frame

Poster Frames Unlimited offers the most complete line of floor, wall, counter or ceiling hung metal poster frames and metal display stands found anywhere.

Our experienced design team can quickly and inexpensively create innovative and distinctive custom counter top poster frames and metal poster holders, wall mount poster frames or poster floor stand displays in wood, metal and acrylic that effectively sell your product and increase brand recognition.

These distinctive metal stand displays are essential to most every type of business and are frequently used as trade show floor stand displays and pop display stands throughout the nation.

Our engineers here at Poster Frames Unlimited are eager to custom build you a new metal stand display or wall display to meet all of your specifications.

ST-DIS913 & ST-DIS914 Poster Frame and Poster Stand

ST-DIS913 (2-tier) ST-DIS914 (3-tier)

  • ST-DIS913 - With 2-tiers
  • Metal Poster Stand Displays signage sized:
    22"w x 28"h
  • Available Colors: Chrome and Black
  • Height: 60"
  • ST-DIS914 - With 3-tiers
  • Metal Poster Stand Displays signage sized:
    22"w x 28"h
  • Available colors: Chrome and Black
  • Height: 89"
Style #
ST-DIS913 (2-tier - Chrome)
Metal Poster Stand
ST-DIS913 (2-tier - Black)
Metal Poster Stand
ST-DIS914 (3-tier - Chrome)
Metal Poster Stand
ST-DIS914 (3-tier - Black)
Metal Poster Stand