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4SCB Poster Frame

For three generations, Poster Frames Unlimited has been providing top quality 4 sided kiosk display stands for discerning customers worldwide. During that time, we’ve grown steadily on the strength of our products, our people, and our philosophy: The finest materials and craftsmanship, classic designs and a dedication to deliver more than what is expected.

These distinctive rotating and non rotating display stands are essential to most every type of business and are frequently used as trade show floor stand displays and pop stand displays throughout the nation.

Our solid 3 and 4 sided wood display stands and multi sided sided kiosk poster frames are extremely functional, with the versatility to accommodate our interchangeable magnetic rate boards, posters, high density corkboards, magnetic letter boards, marker boards, and vast array of literature holders.

Our 4 sided poster frame is a fabulous way to present your advertising needs.

4SCB Kiosk Poster Frame

This elegant four sided floor display frame is equipped with high density cork boards on all four sides, beautifully framed in solid oak. Choose from tan, blue, red, or black high quality washable cork (custom colors also available). You can also customize this cork board floor display by adding posters, rate displays, literature holders, magnetic letter boards and custom headers.
Style #
4SCB 4-sided
80" h x 27" w x 27" d
Optional 4-sided Header

Wood frame finishes:
Wood Finishes