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Curved Poster Stand

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CPS1 Floor Display
Extreme Value
and Quality


Wood Poster Stands

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CPS1 Floor Display
Available in Ten Elegant Finishes


Largest and Finest Selection of top quality wood, acrylic and metal
Poster Frames and Poster Stands available.

As the nation's leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom poster stands, we can offer our customers hundreds of different styles, available in wood, metal and acrylic, featured in a vast array of finishes.

In fact, at Poster Frames Unlimited, we design, build and stock more poster frames and poster stands by far than any other competitor we know of in the Nation.

If by chance, you don't find the exact poster frame or poster stand you're looking for, we'll gladly build it for you at an affordable price.

Whether it's one unit or 10,000 units, you'll always receive the uncompromising quality that Poster Frames Unlimited is so well known for throughout the industry.

Experience for yourself, exceptional customer service, combined with the most comprehensive and best selling line of innovative poster frames and poster stands in the world.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hundreds of styles to choose from

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